Hrithik Roshan In A Noida mall

The Fans Were Excited After Witnessing Hrithik In A Noida’s Mall

Tuesday, on 15th November the famous celebrity star Hrithik, reached to a mall in Noida for the A promotional event. Very few have idea that their favorite Hrithik Roshan is going to come here. But as this news spread all around the mall peoples started gathering for just one look of Mr. handsome. In just few moment the whole mall becomes full to the fans.

This week proved much special as well as surprising for the Noida’ peoples because the same event like this happened a few days ago in the city mall Noida. when Aishwarya Ray Bachchan’s surprisingly visited the city mall on Saturday and shocked the shoppers. They have no idea such an event, for a few moment, they were not ready to believe their eyes.

And this time it was the turn of Hrithik to shock the Noida’s peoples. Mr handsome too could not stop himself to express his feeling after watching the craziness of the fans. He said that my presence is nothing without you. You all are precious for me and I can not express, what I am feeling at this time. I will just say that you complete me.  and thanks for your love and support.

Fans were super excited, some sing the song “kaho Na Pyar hai” for him and some screamed his name. from all, a student Ariba expressed that she is the big fan of Hrithik and she was here to watch a film but when she finds that his favorite Bollywood star is going to be here so he canceled all the plans for his one glimpse.

But some inconvenience also took place when the fans become aggressive to get a close sight of Hrithik Roshan. To control this inconvenience the bounces and mall security have to create a barricade to control the crowd. One person told that the organizers promised him for Hrithik’s sign on a poster but due to the so much inconvenience the bouncers did not allow him.

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