Happy Raikoti

Happy Raikoti – A Lyricist, Singer And An Actor

Name : Happy Raikoti
Occupation: Lyricist, Singer, Actor
From : Raikot Punjab

Happy Raikoti the man behind the most successful tracks of Punjabi film and music industry. This shining star of the Punjabi entertainment industry is the youngest lyricist, melodies singer and also a skilled actor. It is really incredible and appreciable that a very young age he got much popularity, success, fans’ s love and as well as money.

Happy Raikoti

The Struggling Days of His Life

Today Happy Raikoti is the brand who has been written and sing for all mostly all the latest released Punjabi Films in 2016 like Ardaas, Ambarsariya, Angrez, Jatt James Bond, Love Punjab, Once Upon Time In Amritsar and many more. But it was not easy for him to establish his name in the entertainment industry without any musical background or better financial position. Once during an interview, he shared that there was a time when he tried to convince artists for work but they gave a negative response but today every directors, artist, music companies want to work with him.

Happy Raikoti Journey From A Lyricist To A Singer

Today the Punjabi entertainment industry knows Happy Raikoti as good lyricist or writer but he never thought to be a writer. From the beginning, Singing was his desire and want to establish his name as the singer not as a lyricist. But his failure in singing bring him toward writing and today we know him as a talented lyricist. The song Veham sing by the Rohan Prince established him as a lyricist. the industry got to know that there is a writer who really writes well. Once he becomes a successful lyricist,  he decided to sing his first song Jaan with Sara Gurpal as an actor. The song was liked by the audience and they accept him as a singer too. Then the success of his album “7 knaalal” established him as the complete artist.

Happy Raikoti Romantic Performance At Stage of Voice of Punjab season 7


Happy Raikoti Madly Like To wear Cap

The dressing and lifestyle of Happy Raikoti is simple and realistic as his nature. He did not like so fancy clothes, rather he prefers to wear Kurta Pajama and like to be desi but during an interview, he said that “now he is an artist and his life now, move around his fan so he has to dress according to them. But once it comes to caps, he madly loves to wear caps from days of childhood.

The Role Model of Happy Raikoti

Today Happy Raikoti is the role model for many youngsters who want to be singer or lyricist. But if we talk about the role model of Happy Raikoti so the answer can make you surprised that he have not any role model to whom he follows because as we know he never thought that one day he will be a writer.

His Most Favorite Lyricist

He is the biggest fan of Debi Makhsoospuri and Babu Singh Maan. Debi Makhsoospuri is known for his lyrics, songs, and poetries. He has been done songs like Sikhi Naal Ishq, Mehboob. On the other hand, Babu Singh Maan is a songwriter/lyricist of the entertainment industry.

How He Start Writing

As we tell that he never dream to be a writer. His dream was to be a singer or actor but god had been decided something special for him. In the beginning, he struggled much unable to get the break as a singer but his lyrics helped to establish his name in Punjabi entertainment industry. He gets inspiration for writing from the Preet Harpal song “Mai Chala Pardesh NI Maye, parkhan Apne Lekh Nu Maye”, after listing the song, first time he tried to write a song. He was trying to make Antras of that song but he did not know about the professional way of writing songs.

He Never Notes His Songs In Dairy

The common thing about a writer or lyricist is a diary or notebook or something else where he note down his ideas and imaginations but Happy Raikoti never uses any dairy or notebook to note down his songs, rather he remembers all of the songs. Before writing any song he analysis the vocal and style of the singer, to write a perfect song which suits the singer.

Role Of Roshan Prince In His Life

The Famous singer Roshan Prince has much importance in the life of MR. melody’s king. Roshan Prince was the first artist who record his first song and that song was “Tere Thumke”. The song was a flop but because Roshan Prince is himself a brand, so it gave a push to his career and help to get more work. One more incident that Roshan prince fully supported Happy Raikoti in his decision to sing a song which he writes for himself.

Happy Raikoti Songs And Single Tracks

All of the songs which he writes for others or himself are liked by the listeners. He has been done the biggest albums of the industry in 2016 like Bapu Jamidar & Laden with Jassi Gill, Veham, DIL Darda with Roshan Prince etc. We are sharing the list of songs which he writes and sings in the album.

SongsReleased DateReleased By:Sing ByLink To Watch
VahamJan 17, 2014Speed RecordsRoshan PrinceClick Here
JaanDec 13, 2014Lokdhun PunjabiHimselfClick Here
LadenJan 5, 2015Speed RecordsJassi GillClick Here
Bapu JamidarOct 14, 2014Speed RecordsJassi GillClick Here
7 KnaalanJul 16, 2015Speed RecordsHimself
Anna ZorNov 10, 2015Speed RecordsHimself
Khang KhangMar 22, 2016Speed RecordsHimself
Kudi Mardi Aa Tere TeApr 20, 2015Speed RecordsHimself
Shagna Di TyariJun 7, 2015Speed RecordsHimself
Sir Khulde Ft. Gurlej AkhtarJun 7, 2015Speed RecordsHimself
Sochdi Tan Honi AeApr 27, 2016Speed RecordsHimself
Shad K Nai GaiSep 14, 2016White Hill ProductionHimself
Main Tan Vi Pyar KardaAug 3, 2016Speed RecordsMillind Gaba ft. Happy Raikoti

Happy Raikoti latest Interview  | Must watch

Happy Raikoti films / Movies


In 2016 Dara was the first movie to which Mr. Raikoti showed his skills of acting. In the film, he is not playing any major role but his fans and industry got to know that he can also professionally act in the films.


This was his second movie but with this film, he declared the industry that he is not just good at singing and writing rather he is also a good actor. In the film Teshan he is playing the major role of a village boy who loves to a modern girl of the city, and the whole story moves around his marriage.

Motor Mitraan Di

The film is a situational comedy and released in 2016 and this was the third back to back film by Happy Raikoti. The film is about superstitions and blind faith in the fake saints of our society.

How To contact Happy Raikoti

Contact No: 089688 44661

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HappyRaikotiOfficial/

Follow On Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/urshappyraikoti/

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