yuvraj singh and hazel keech

Hazel Keech Bowled Out Yuvraj Singh – Both Got Married

Finally, the star cricketer Yuvraj Singh who once hit six sixes on a British bowler “Stuart Broad” but this time bowled out by a British model “Hazel Keech” and got married on the Friday 30, November. Yuvraj Singh and Hazel Keech were dating each other from a long time and finally this month they become husband and wife. The best part of their marriage was that they passed through two different rituals. The first wedding happened in Chandigarh according to the Sikh tradition because yuvi is a Sikh and the second wedding took place in Goa according to the Hindu rituals.

Anushka And Virat Appearance in The Yuvi Marriage


Virat Kohli And Anushka In Yuvi Marriage

Yuvraj And Hazel were not the only Cricket and Bollywood couple rather there were one more Bollywood-Cricket pair, Virat Kohli, and Anushka Sharma. Both also spotted together at goa airport. In the wedding party, Virat & Anushka also showed their dancing talent. Virat danced on the beat of Gangnam style and the Bollywood queen Anushka dance on a Bollywood track “Senorita”


The newly married couple Yuvraj Singh and Hazel both are dancing freak and never missed any chance to dance. The couple spotted as dancing in the goa airport. When they landed at the goa airport after finishing the marriage rituals in Chandigarh, they started dancing and celebrating on the goa airport with their fellows. They also danced in the late night reception party. This they were dancing for the first time after the marriage in goa.





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